Discussing “The Bad Batch” Episode 6 on the What A Piece of Junk! Podcast

My newest appearance on a Star Wars podcast is on the 56th episode of the What a Piece of Junk! podcast, which came published today. Focussing on the newest (6th) episode of “The Bad Batch”, it was great chatting with the hosts of the podcast about this episode and more.

While you are welcome to listen to the episode in its entirety, I join the episode from the 23:49 time mark through the end. The show notes are available here.

In addition to the podcast episode being available below, you are also welcome to check out a couple of video clips from the episode, below, as well.

Podcast Episode

Video Clips from the Podcast Episode
Issues with Omega Shooting the Zygerrian energy bow:

Who is in the Hologram in Episode 6 in The Bad Batch?

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