A Description of Batuu in “Pirate’s Price”

With Galaxy’s Edge due to open later this year, featuring a place named Batuu, there had not been much out about Batuu, having occurred neither in any movies, nor in any television shows.

However, with a recent appearance in Thrawn Alliances, which came out this past summer, Batuu had a place in Star Wars.

A new book, Pirate’s Price, describes Batuu further (p. 1):

As far as wretched hives of scum and villainy went, Bazine Netal thought that Black Spire Outpost seemed friendlier than most.

and yet even more (p. 2):

Glancing above the roofline of the buildings, Bazine could see how the place found its name. Rising above the shops and dwellings were the petrified trunks of what were once giant trees that had dominated the skies of that world. Now their blackened remains stood as silent sentinels on the outskirts of the town.

The outpost was not an easy place to find unless you knew about it first. It was located where the Unknown Regions met Wild Space, a stopover for smugglers and those of less savory occupations—a place for rogues and opportunists, con artists, thieves . . . and of course, pirates.

We shall see what else emerges about Batuu in future Star Wars media….

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