The Mandalorian Season Two Poster Book

My favorite poster in the book

Hitting bookshelves today, the season two poster book for The Mandalorian provides postering fun of the new season that just kicked-off over the weekend. Similar to season one’s poster book, this book comes with eight sheets of roughly 11″ by 16″ size, with pictures and artwork on both sides. Coming in both landscape and portrait orientation, the highlight of these are clearly The Child, although The Mandalorian‘s titular character, Din Djarin, gets a good focus, as well. Unlike the first season’s poster book, there aren’t many characters aside from Din Djarin and The Child in this book. Which is not a complaint: this would be honestly awesome as a poster book of just The Child. I can’t get enough of The Child, so I am perfectly happy with this book.

For an “unboxing” of this book, check out this video I made with my kids of all of the posters in this book:

Disclosure: A review copy was provided to Star Wars Maven for review purposes.

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