Bummed About “Star Wars: Clone Wars” Not Considered Canon :(

I am bummed that Star Wars: Clone Wars is not going to be considered Star Wars canon 🙁

With Friday’s announcement that anything heretofore not a theatrical release or Star Wars: The Clone Wars is not going to be considered canon, I am mostly in favor of it.  You see, I don’t really mind about the various expanded universe books not being considered canonical, largely because I haven’t read them and I’m quite glad I don’t need to in order to get a sense of the fuller Star Wars universe.

Anakin Skywalker getting knighted in Star Wars: Clone Wars

When it comes to television shows and movies that are to be in or out, I mostly agree with what the powers that be at Star Wars have thought to exclude from the canon.  However, I am sad that Star Wars: Clone Wars is not going to be included, since I found it to be an important bridge between Episodes II & III and had a great amount of narrative significance.

Mace Windu using the Force to crush General Grievous’ insides, causing his wheezing in Star Wars: Clone Wars

Of course, it has its highlights, but I also wanted to share three pieces of significance:

  1. We see how the Emperor gets captured
  2. We see how General Grievous gets his wheezing breath
  3. We see how/why Anakin Skywalker gets knighted as a Jedi

Without these, it is unclear how the aforementioned will be described….

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