Discussing “Star Wars Clone Wars” Season One on “Skywalking Through Neverland”

Podcasting about Clone Wars Season OnePodcasting about Clone Wars Season One on Skywalking Through Neverland
Podcasting about Clone Wars Season One on Skywalking Through Neverland

A new segment that the Skywalking Through Neverland podcast is including in its show is a discussion of Star Wars Clone Wars. The first of these segments was published today in its recent episode, “A Day on the Set of The Empire Strikes Back” (Episode 169).

In addition to the hosts of the show, Sarah & Richard Woloski, the segment also brought on first-time guest Nitzan Harel as well as the present author. What made it particularly interesting is that half of those present (Sarah and Nitzan) had never seen it before, enabling them to provide fresh commentary and observations on the show.

Further fascinating was that the viewing and discussion only concerned that of the first season of Star Wars Clone Wars, rather than the entirety of the series (which can easily be viewed in one evening). This not only provided a focussing of the discussion on just season one, but it also allowed Sarah and Nitzan to speculate about the coming seasons, as well as what they hoped to see. (If you’re less familiar with season one, you can check out my synopsis of season one.)

As someone who enjoyed Star Wars Clone Wars, it was interesting to hear about it discussed by people who had never seen it before.  The discussion can be found from 1:35:35 through 2:03:54 on the recent episode:

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