Changes Up Their Look

New Star Wars Page 1
Featured Star Wars Blog posts, the official website for Star Wars, underwent a new design that came out the other day. It is very nice-looking and, as Lillian Skye writes for Star Wars Underworld, is “a sleek and futuristic new”

New Star Wars page 2

The most significant change is that any previously accounts have been gotten rid of. In their stead are Disney IDs, which, as LaughingPlace reports, “brings the site into the Disney fold by integrating the Disney ID that visitors also may use at and”

New Star Wars page 3
A focus on the upcoming new series, Star Wars Rebels

Although, as states that “the content looks to mostly be the same, but it’s the layout that drastically changed”, Skye writes that the “redesign also added new features, such as the community page. Here, the site lists links to fan organizations, fansites and blogs, and fan podcasts. The page also provides links to Star Wars news around the web on sites like Yahoo! News, MTV, and NPR.”

New Star Wars page 4
Events and Around the Web

Noticeably apparent on the front page are a section devoted to the upcoming television series, “Star Wars Rebels” as well as an Events and Around the Web series; for the former, they are clearly trying to promote their new television show. For the latter, they are doing a nice job of reaching out to fans, which is great!

Looking forward to some more great attention to the website!

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