Pablo Hidalgo Shares Nomenclatural Inspirations and Other Notes on the Rogue One Visual Guide

Beezer Fortuna’s entry in the Rogue One Visual Guide

Having written yesterday about Pablo Hidalgo and behind-the-scenes of Rogue One, I found some interesting notes of Hidalgo’s regarding his Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide. This book (henceforth, referred to as the Rogue One Visual Guide) came out the same day as Rogue One in mid-December and has a lot of fascinating information about characters, places, and more in the movie.

Hidalgo was “really happy with this spread” of the timeline of the Death Star in in the Rogue One Visual Guide

Hidalgo shared some notes of his on the Rogue One Visual Guide in a series of tweets that discuss some interesting naming schemes as well as some of his thoughts. These notes appeared just the other month and, although there is a listing below of all of them, here are several that I wanted to highlight:

  • Amidst the listing of droids included on pp. 58-59 on the Rebel base, Chopper was originally included, however, but they had to drop him, according to Hidalgo, “so as not to risk spoiling his cameo.”
  • Beezer Fortuna, who looks a lot like Bib Fortuna, had his name partially inspired by the latter, as Hidalgo tells us, “the early draft script for ROTJ called Bib Fortuna ‘High Beezer of Hoth'”. Also, Hidalgo tells us, “Beezer’s production nickname was ‘Cousin Bib’ so I used that in his backstory. He was based on an old Bib Fortuna maquette.”
  • On pages 114-115, it seems that Hidalgo is relieved to be able to put together a bunch of details on the timeline regarding the Death Star, as he wrote that he is “Really happy with this spread as it collects a bunch of story threads we’ve been spooling out for years.”
  • Hidalgo’s favorite spread, he shares, is that found on pages 22-23 of young Jyn Erso’s toys.
The name of the TIE Reaper was first revealed in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
The name of the TIE Reaper was first revealed in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

One further note that must be made is that, later in that month, Hidalgo noted that one ship omitted from the Rogue One Visual Guide was the TIE Reaper, the name of which was revealed by Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, even though the name was only used in production. The reason for the ship’s omission from the book was, as Hidalgo writes, since “the ship wasn’t named until November, and the book went to print in October.”

This behind-the-scenes writing of Hidalgo’s are only the start to his sharing about the Rogue One Visual Guide. He concluded his writing that his “plan is to turn this into a convention talk like I did with the Visual Dictionary last year and show more material.” I, and I imagine many other fans, would enjoy such a presentation. In the meantime, we have these tweets from Hidalgo:

Listing of Pablo Hidalgo’s tweets about the Rogue One Visual Guide:

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