Pablo Hidalgo Resets His Twitter Account :(

Pablo Hidalgo Twitter Account after deleting his tweets – June 2018

A treasure trove of fascinating material regarding Star Wars was recently trashed, to the chagrin of Star Wars fans 🙁

Pablo Hidalgo, of the Lucasfilm Story Group, has recently dumped everything on his Twitter account. Hidalgo, who had published hundreds of Tweets about Star Wars, especially material related to some of his publishing (see, for instance, his series of notes on his Star Wars Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide), has now, sadly, made those insights into Star Wars lost to Star Wars fans.

First Tweet from Pablo Hidalgo after deleting his tweets - June 2018
First Tweet from Pablo Hidalgo after deleting his tweets – June 2018

This is not the first time Hidalgo has had to re-start his Twitter account. A little over two and a half years ago (yes, 31 months, if you’re counting), Hidalgo lost his previous Twitter account, @Infinata, to a corporation, but then re-joined Twitter as @PabloHidalgo. This time, however, it was entirely volitionary, it seems.

His first tweet seems to be have a fair amount of whimsy to it, indicating that he is not taking Twitter as seriously as he had been. From both the Tweets preceding this Tweet-trashing, as well as those currently on his Twitter feed, it seems that Hidalgo has carried a lot of frustration with him from interacting with people on this social medium.

Pablo Hidalgo frustrated on Twitter -24 April 2018
Pablo Hidalgo frustrated on Twitter -24 April 2018

In recent history, it seems that Hidalgo has gotten inundated from a variety of fans of unwanted tweets – both those pitching him on ideas (which he has said over and over that he is not the person to whom one ought to be sending those pitches), as well as those frustrated with some of what has gone on in Star Wars, especially with the movies. There seems also to be some friction from fans about his political leanings, as well, which has clearly not been something that Hidalgo has enjoyed.

So far, in the past week+ in which he has returned (and tweeted over 80+ times), he has not made any Star Wars tweets (although there was one of him petting a dog from when he was behind-the-scenes on Solo, and one tweeting about fandom), which is distinctly different from when he returned to twitter two and a half years ago.

It seems to me that Hidalgo is frustrated by the responses to his blending of his tweeting between his professional Star Wars material and his personal tweets. One solution could be to do as he has been doing recently – continue publishing tweets on his personal Twitter account as himself, having nothing to do with Star Wars – but also create a separate Twitter account for Star Wars material. I have gained so much from his Twitter account about Star Wars that I would be saddened to no longer have that helpful content shared through this medium from him. Whether he created a @HidalgoStarWars handle, @SWHidalgo handle, @SWPablo handle, or something else, that would be great. Alternatively, maybe someone could create a separate Twitter handle for the Lucasfilm Story Group, which could handle inquiries about canon, etc. from fans, and provide insights, and – yes – it would be separate from the @StarWars account that would reach a broader fandom.

In the meantime, I am saddened by this development, but am hoping Hidalgo can re-engage with this social medium in a fashion that can be insightful for us Star Wars fans.

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