Mandalorian Houses, Clans, and Factions in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Having spoken on Skywalking Through Neverland about the darksaber and Mandalorian houses, clans, and factions, it gave me a push to research the Mandalorian societal structure. While I had certainly written about the darksaber (and put together a video of all of the scenes of it in Star Wars: The Clone Wars), I was only slightly aware about houses, clans, and factions.

With the upcoming fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels to feature more of what’s going on with Mandalore, I figured I would delve back into the shows and what they have about Mandalorian societal structure, such as houses, clans, and factions. So, I decided I would make videos about them, starting with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is only a little bit, as you can see:

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