Episodes to Watch Before Watching The Bad Batch Series

This past weekend, while speaking with a neighbor outside, he asked me if there is anything new going on in Star Wars. I said, “Actually, yes: there’s a new television series coming to Disney Plus next month, The Bad Batch.” And I got very excited about it and described it as somewhat of a spin-off of Star Wars The Clone Wars.

He asked me, “Are there any particular episodes I should watch?” I answered, “Yes, at the very, very least, the four-episode story arc in the seventh season of Star Wars The Clone Wars (which will be listed below), but I realized also there’s another set of episodes also to watch that provide good background prior to watching The Bad Batch if one has not yet watched Star Wars The Clone Wars:

  • The season 3 opener, “Clone Cadets”
  • The 5th episode in the first season, “Rookies”
  • The second episode in the third season, “ARC Troopers”
  • The 18th episode of the third season, “The Citadel”
  • The 19th episode of the third season, “Counterattack”

I would recommend those five episodes followed by the four episodes in the seventh season of Star Wars The Clone Wars that introduce the Bad Batch:

  • “The Bad Batch”
  • “A Distant Echo”
  • “On the Wings of Keeradaks”
  • “Unfinished Business”

This list of episodes should more prepare viewers to watch The Bad Batch even if one has not yet watched Star Wars The Clone Wars.

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