Disney Plus to Get More People Watching Star Wars The Clone Wars?

I am excited that Disney Plus is featuring Star Wars content, including releasing The Mandalorian its very first day, which is fortunately bringing more attention to Star Wars TV & movies content. (Also, it’s making me realize that my idea from several years ago for an entire Star Wars TV channel is outdated; streaming services seem to be in for now.)

In addition to The Mandalorian, and an entire Star Wars section, not to mention The Rise of Skywalker set to release this week, there is already and will continue to be increased interest in the Star Wars section of Disney Plus. I’ve already seen folks posting on Facebook that The Mandalorian is their first-ever Star Wars content they’ve consumed (yes, I’m even friends with people who are not Star Wars fans). With all of this attention and Star Wars content viewable all in one place, I’m excited for people to stumble upon Star Wars The Clone Wars.

People who know me and Star Wars know that The Clone Wars is one of my favorite Star Wars pieces of content; moreover, whenever I speak with fellow Star Wars fans and find out they’ve never seen it before, I encourage them to watch The Clone Wars. Back when it was on Netflix, people could easily stream it…until it was no longer on Netflix. But now that it’s back not only on a streaming service, but in an entire Star Wars section of a streaming service, I’m hoping many more people will get into it.

Who knows? Maybe following the conclusion of this first season of The Mandalorian, along with the release of The Rise of Skywalker, many people will be discovering and watching Star Wars The Clone Wars this winter?

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