Kanan and Maul Vie for Mentoring Ezra As They Ascend the Sith Temple on Malachor

Maul Force-choking the seventh sister and telling Ezra to kill her

Continuing on in my Darth Maul project, with Maul having convinced Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra to join him against both the Inquisitors and Darth Vader, the four of them head towards the Sith temple during the second part of Star Wars Rebels’ season two finale, “Twilight of the Apprentice”.

Kanan & Maul Vie for Ascending the Sith Temple with Ezra, part I
Kanan asks, “Now what?”
Maul then touches the wall, yielding a lift to ascend the temple.
As Ezra and Maul get on a lift, Maul turns to Kanan and says, “Only two. No more, no less.”
Kanan then pulls Maul off of it and gets on the lift with Ezra, “Yeah? Well, these two come as a set.”
Kanan then shouts to Ahsoka, “You okay riding with Grandpa?”
Ahsoka calmly replies, “I’ll be fine.”
Ezra and Kanan ascend up the lift.

Kanan Warns Ezra Against Maul’s Mentorship
Kanan turns to Ezra while they are on a lift, “Ezra, listen to me, he’s using you.”
Ezra: “Are you ever gonna trust me to think for myself? To follow my instincts?”
Kanan: “I do trust you.”
Ezra: “Maul sees what I could be. You don’t.”
Kanan: “He’ll say anything to get what he wants.”

Maul pushing the Eighth Brother off of the terrace of the Sith temple on Malachor

Maul Saves Ezra
When they arrive at a landing, Ezra spots the Eighth Brother, one of the Imperial Inquisitors, coming at them, yelling “Look out!”, although the Eighth Brother kicks Kanan and he is out of the battle, leaving Ezra to fight off the inquisitor, until Ezra is hanging by his fingers on a ledge with the Eighth Brother demanding the Sith holocron. With blades awhirring, threatening Ezra’s grip on the ledge, Maul comes in, yelling, “Ezra!”

Maul then engages the Eighth Brother in lightsaber combat before Force-pushing him away, although the Eighth Brother is able to use his lightsaber to helicopter away.

Maul then helps Ezra up from off the ledge, and they regroup.

Kanan & Maul Vie for Ascending the Sith Temple with Ezra, part II
Kanan to Maul: “Looks like they’ve figured out your plan.”
Maul responds: “Then we shall alter it. I recommend that we split up and scale the Pyramid from two sides. They will also have to divide their forces.”
Kanan: “And let me guess, Ezra goes with you? No, thanks.”
Maul: “It is the logical choice.”
Ezra: “I say we split up. Trust me.”
Kanan sighs.

Maul speaking to Ezra as they ascend the Sith temple on Malachor

Maul: “Excellent, excellent.”

As Maul and Ezra ascend a lift, he says to Ahsoka and Kanan, “You will find another lift on the far side, we will meet again on the next terrace.”

Ahsoka to Kanan: “He’ll be fine.”
Kanan: “Yeah? How do you know that?”
Ahsoka: “Because you taught him.”

Maul Provides Advice to Ezra Regarding Fighting
Maul to Ezra: “The dark side fights without mercy, without remorse. If you want to be victorious, you need to find the same strength inside you.”
Ezra: “Kanan always said fighting is a last resort, not a first.”
Maul: “Ezra, you were given your gift for one reason, to use it. Can I count on you?”

Maul and Ezra Engage The Seventh Sister and Her Droids
As they get to the next terrace, a few of the seventh sister’s droids shoot at them, with Ezra and Maul bouncing the shots back, until the seventh sister throws her lightsaber at them, although not before returning to her. Maul then ascends stairs towards her along with Ezra.

Maul Force-choking the seventh sister and telling Ezra to kill her

Ultimately, Ezra finds himself engaged in lightsaber battle with her, with Maul encouraging him, “That’s it, young one. Use your anger, use your pain, let it fill you, fuel you.”

While fighting, the seventh sister and Ezra step back from each other.

Maul Encourages Ezra to Kill the Seventh Sister
At that point, Maul Force-chokes her, grabbing her up off of the ground, with her struggling to say, “No! No!”

Maul adjures Ezra, “Strike her down! You want to end this? Finish her!”

While Ezra is in perfect condition for killing her one way or another, as she is a sitting duck, he exclaims, “I can’t!”

At that point, she starts to get a wicked smile on her face before Maul then hurls his double-edged lightsaber at her, beheading her.

Maul then tells Ezra, “The next time you hesitate like that, it may cost you your life, or the lives of your friends.”

Maul then concludes, “We must hurry. I fear our companions are in danger.”

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