Ezra Rejoins Ahsoka and Kanan…with Maul

Maul exclaiming "What fun"

Maul exclaiming "What fun"

"I've brought help"
“I’ve brought help”

Exiting Out of the Sith Temple
On the heels of Maul telling Ezra that “Sith holocrons are keys that can open many doors” in the first part of “Twilight of the Apprentice” following their retrieval of the Sith holocron from the Sith temple on Malachor, Maul then places the Sith holocron they’ve found into a cleft in a rock and the door opens showing Ezra and Maul a lightsaber battle that is taking place between Kanan and Ahsoka facing off against a few inquisitors. Seeing this, Ezra is greatly concerned and immediately lights up his lightsaber and heads off into battle.

Maul is Recognized
When Kanan notices Ezra running into battle, he cries out as requesting Mark whereupon Ezra replies, “Kanan, Ahsoka, I brought help!” However, thereupon, Ahsoka checks out who Ezra’s help is and quickly identifies him as Maul in a somewhat concerned and noticeably surprised voice, with one of the inquisitors voicing “The Shadow.” At this, Maul, with a smiling, excited face exclaims, “What fun,” and he laughs and repeats, “What fun!”

"Formerly Darth, now just Maul"
“Formerly Darth, now just Maul”

The Stand-off
As part 1 of “The Twilight of the Apprentice” concludes, we see three Inquisitors on one side of the screen and Kanan, Ahsoka, and Ezra on the other side of the screen, all six of them with their lightsabers ablaze and ready to battle.

No Longer “Darth”
At the top of part 2 of “Twilight of The Apprentice”, the Seventh Sister says, “So, the rumors are true: Darth Maul lives.” Whereupon, Maul replies to her, “Formerly, Darth; now, just Maul.” This is particularly fascinating, as we don’t know when he necessarily dropped the “Darth” from his moniker, but now we know he is to be known simply as “Maul” henceforth.

Maul exclaiming "What fun"
Maul exclaiming “What fun”

Kanan Voices Concern for Ezra
Kanan then says, “Step away from him,” seemingly recognizing who Maul is and the threat he represents, yet Ezra calmly says, “Kanan, I swear he’s on our side.”

Maul ignites his dual-bladed lightsaber
Maul ignites his dual-bladed lightsaber

Maul Ignites His Dual-Bladed Lightsaber and Engages in Battle
To this, Maul replies simply, “Perhaps my actions will speak louder than words”, and then Maul takes his walking stick apart and ignites his lightsaber. He then attacks the inquisitors, following which, the Jedi then join him in battle against the inquisitors.

What’s Next
Continuing on in the Darth Maul Project, Maul engages in lightsaber battle alongside the Jedi against the Inquisitors.

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