Darth Maul Secures His Power on Mandalore

Having fought Pre Vizsla and succeeding, including beheading him with the newly-acquired darksaber, Maul then secures his grip on the leadership of Death Watch, in particular, and Mandalore, in general. Having done so in “Shades of Reason” in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, he then seeks to secure his behind-the-scenes grip on power of Mandalore.

Prime Minister Almec flanked by Death Watch troopers addressing citizens of Mandalore
Prime Minister Almec flanked by Death Watch troopers addressing citizens of Mandalore

Towards the end of “Shades of Reason”, we see Prime Minister Almec addressing a crowd on Mandalore, flanked by Death Watch troopers:

Duchess Satine, the so-called pacifist, who could not protect you when your lives were at stake, has murdered Pre Vizsla, the true hero of Mandalore. Satine is now under arrest, and it was Pre Vizsla’s last command that I be reinstated as Prime Minister. I know my past is checkered but, I promise you, I take full responsibility for my people. And my heart now bleeds for your pain. However, from this point on, Mandalore will be strong, and we will be known as the warriors we were always meant to be.

This is a fascinating lie that Almec is spinning: that the pacifist Satine would kill someone, let alone Pre Vizsla. Of course, it’s both true that Pre Vizsla was killed and that Duchess Satine is imprisoned, but it’s fascinating that he seeks to conceal Maul’s involvement. What is fascinating is two further matters: 1) that Prime Minister Almec is back on the scene and wielding a position of importance and 2) that he is reversing the pacifist movement of Satine in favor of a warrior culture. For the first of these, it is clear that Maul remembered his conversation with Almec while imprisoned and put him in power, at least facing the public. This works for him in two ways: 1) Almec would have more legitimacy than he would as a Mandalorian and 2) it keeps Maul hidden in the shadows, drawing less attention to him.

Prime Minister Almec asking Darth Maul if there is anything else he requires
Prime Minister Almec asking Darth Maul if there is anything else he requires

Following this scene, Almec then returns to Maul in the throne room, whereupon Maul compliments Almec: “You have done well, Prime Minister.” Almec then reassures Maul, “I shall waste no time in building my administration.” Maul then says, “Choose wisely. I will hold you personally responsible for their failures.” Almec, fully accepting responsibility and the opportunity, says to Maul, “Yes, Master. Is there anything more you require?” Maul then says, “Go. Rule my people.” In this exchange at the conclusion of “Shades of Reason”, we see that Almec fully appreciates this opportunity granted to him by Maul and pledges his fealty to him.

Prime Minister Almec reporting to Darth Maul after Satine contacts Obi-Wan
Prime Minister Almec reporting to Maul after Duchess Satine contacted the Jedi

We then see Prime Minister Almec addressing Maul in the following episode, “The Lawless”, “The duchess appears to have contacted the Jedi just as anticipated.” Maul responds to him, “Good. You have done well.” Almec then inquires, “What of the people?” Maul responds reassuringly, “You are the legitimate prime minister. Mandalore is a sovereign planet and you will maintain its neutrality.” Almec, concerned, asks, “And what of the Jedi?” To this, Maul calmly responds, “Because of Mandalore’s neutrality, the Jedi have no jurisdiction here. If Kenobi comes to rescue his friend, he will have to come alone.” In this exchange, Almec is clearly concerned about Mandalore, while Maul wisely knows that the Jedi have no power to come and save her. Almec is clearly concerned about his power being taken away by the Jedi and it being returned to Satine. Maul, on the other hand, has already considered that, due to Mandalore’s neutrality, it is not subject to the Jedi imposing their will there. Thus, if anyone were to come, it would be Kenobi, the subject of his desire for revenge.

From these scenes, we see that Maul is a serious planner, putting plans into motion ahead of time and thinking very strategically. He is happy not to be seen as wielding the power, but doing so, nevertheless, behind the scenes.

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