Top Five Segments of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” comic – Season 1

General Ares Nune and Commander Kite speaking

My top five segments of the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” webcomic that preceded each of the episodes of the first season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” (that was also published in book form) (I realized I give preference to how much background information is shared concerning the upcoming episode and how significant that story is):

"Dreams of Grievous"
“Dreams of Grievous”

5) “The Dreams of General Grievous” – Despite the seeming failures (or, at least, non-successes) of the battles in which General Grievous has been, which makes him seem an unfit leader, this particular segment provides not only a sense of General Grievous’ fighting days behind him, but also about his disappoint with his current troops.  In his reflections, he greatly enjoys and desires being involved in battle/war , and has had tremendous success in doing so: “I have toppled nations. I have slain kings. I have murdered legends.”  However, he notes, “There are but dreams now…dreams of a past that continue to fade.  Of late, I have tasted failure.”  The problem, it seems, is that “These troops I command…they are not the warriors of my past.  They are not the warriors of my dreams.” We also see at the end that Count Dooku is trying to reach him.

4) “Invitation Only” – We get a sense of how awesome Cad Bane is before he is introduced on-screen.

General Ares Nune and Commander Kite speaking
General Ares Nune and Commander Kite speaking

3) “Shakedown” – We get a sense of how mysterious and powerful this new secret weapon is of the Separatists on the Malevolence.  We also get a sense of the different backgrounds that clones have from Jedi in this interchange:

General Ares Nune: “It’s like the great slug from that old story, eh, Commander Kite?  The one that’s lurking out there, waiting to be found.”
Commander Kite: “Not familiar with that one, sir. If it’s not a combat manual, I’m afraid I haven’t read it.”
General Ares Nune: “You have a refreshingly singular outlook, Kite.  The enemy had best be prepared.”

We also see Master Plo-Koon at the end volunteering to lead sweeps in the region to look out for the Malevolence.

2) “Cold Snap” – Provides a wonderful background for the sense of what was going on the base on Orto Plutonia, as the attacks on the clones were taking place and the clones’ being baffled by what was occurring.

Chancellor Palpatine and King Katuunko speaking
Chancellor Palpatine and King Katuunko speaking

1) “Prelude” – Introduces us to some of the clone troopers in the episode and their desire to see some action, however it also sets up two important other pieces to the story: 1)  we understand why there is a neutral planet established for the meeting between King Katuunko and Yoda and 2) we understand how the Separatists know of the meeting’s location, such that Asajj Ventress is able to get there.

Honorable Mention

Luminara Unduli with Ahsoka Tano speaking
Luminara Unduli with Ahsoka Tano speaking in “Transfer”

– “Transfer” – We understand how/why Ahsoka is accompanying Master Luminara Unduli and not Anakin Skywalker.

-“Bait” – Gives us the picture of how and why Anakin Skywalker is captured by the Separatists (despite him bringing a lightsaber to the ship in the webcomic and not having one in the episode).

-“Neighbors” – Helps provide a better sense of the effects of colonization – did they settle an uninhabited planet? This shows that they did not and faced hostility from the natives….

-“The Valley” – We see what’s going on a little bit as far as a potential issue is coming up and being reported to the Queen.  Also, we are introduced to a shaak for the first time (prior to the episode).  Lastly, we see some conflict between the humanoid Nabooans and the shaak.

-“Agenda” – Although not so important as the episode which follows (“Destroy Malevolence”), it does give us a sense of how surprised Padme is to find out about the plight of the citizens of Rodia, which provides a little bit of important background to a different episode (“Bombad Jedi”).

-“The Fall of Falleen” & “Head Games” – While there is very little importance to these segments within the larger story, it does provide some entertaining fighting.

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