Boba Fett’s Final On-Screen Appearance in The Clone Wars – Boba Fett in Television & Movies XII: Boba Fett and Asajj Ventress Work a Job Together

Boba Fett introducing himself to Asajj Ventress with Highsinger

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The final time we see Boba Fett on-screen in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is in the episode, “Bounty”, located towards the end of season 4. Having escaped from prison earlier in the season, we now see him leading a group of bounty hunters who are setting out to do a job. Just as he had been at the end of season 2, he has Bossk with him in his crew (who also broke out of jail with him), as well as a few other bounty hunters – Dengar, C-21 Highsinger, and Latts Razzi.

Boba Fett introducing himself to Asajj Ventress with Highsinger

Leading a Crew
After having Asajj Ventress kills one of Boba Fett’s crew in a Tatooine bar, his crew brings her to him. Ventress is concerned about his youth. It is interesting that, similarly to how we saw him in the second season, he is bossing around bounty hunters (and tough ones(!)) who are much older than him. It makes one wonder: What does he have that others don’t? Why are these bounty hunters following this young man’s orders? Does he have a lot of money? The last time we saw Boba Fett, we heard Bossk tell Rako Hardeen, “You got a problem with Boba, you got a problem with me.” Why does Bossk work with him, listen to him, and loyal to him? (I don’t know – I’m merely raising the questions.)

Boba Fett tells Asajj Ventress she will get her cut when the job is done

Friction with Asajj Ventress When They First Meet
When Bossk and the others bring Asajj Ventress to meet Boba Fett, Ventress gets concerned about how young their leader is, although Boba is dismissive of her concerns. Once Asajj Ventress agrees to work with the crew and Boba Fett agrees to have her on the team, he says, “Let’s get going”, to which Asajj Ventress asks, “Don’t we settle first?” Fett responds, “What? You don’t trust us? When the job’s done, you’ll get your cut, just like the rest of us” in an irritated manner, displeased with having to deal with her. It seems as if he has become hardened in the time since we saw him in the second season, perhaps due to his time in prison.

Boba Fett asks as to why travel by subtram

Starting the Job on Quarzite
Boba Fett and his team of six bounty hunters arrive at Quarzite, where they find out that they are to guard a particular shipment to Otua Blank. has found a job that takes them to Quarzite, where the crew is to secure the deliver, by train, of a chest. Boba inquires as to the need for travelling in such a way versus simply taking a ship to the planet’s surface, as well as why Major Rigosso has hired six expensive bounty hunters to guard this shipment. He is asking solid, pertinent questions and is not that same young, naive boy who was in the second season of “Star Wars The Clone Wars”.

Boba Fett blasting masked raiders

On the Job, Fighting Off Attackers
Once they get travelling by subtram, Boba Fett’s crew comes under attack by masked raiders. When facing these masked raiders, Boba Fett shows that, despite his youth, he’s actually quite capable of fighting, at least with blasters. We also see that Boba Fett is wearing a helmet, albeit one we have never seen before (or since).

Tangling with Asajj Ventress
Ultimately, after getting the masked raiders problem under control, Boba Fett yells to Asajj Ventress, “Hey, rookie! I need you in the back.” Ventress follows him, although she seems to have had a change of heart after speaking with the masked raiders and whom they were after, leading to this exchange:

Fett to Ventress: “Boy? You have no idea who you’re talking to”

Boba Fett: “We’re almost to the drop-off point. Soon I’ll be delivering that brat to the warlord and collecting a handsome bounty that you will get your share of.”
Asajj Ventress: “Share of? There’s only two of us left. I get half.”
Fett: “Half? Please. You just got to the game.”
Ventress: “Boy, don’t test me. I will be delivering the cargo and collecting the bounty. No one of true importance would lower themselves to trade with a mere boy.”
Fett: “Boy? You have no idea who you’re talking to. I have been in charge of this whole operation–”
Then Ventress Force-chokes Fett, whereupon she informs him, “You have no idea who you are talking to.”

Tied-up and In a Trunk
At the end, Asajj Ventress puts him in the trunk instead of the little girl, prompting her to answer the question of his whereabouts by saying “He’ll turn up”. We see Otua Blank excitedly opening the trunk and, instead of finding his bride, he finds a tied-up Boba Fett, which is the last time we see him on-screen in “Star Wars The Clone Wars”.

Boba Fett tied-up in trunk

What We See of Boba Fett
One thing that seems curious to me is Boba Fett’s demeanor. In the episodes in season 2, where he is trying to kill the Jedi, he is clearly on a mission and emotionally driven to kill him, so he brings a certain urgency with him to do so. However, in this episode, he’s overall just on the tough side. While we saw him exposing his softer side in the episodes in season 2, we see none of that here. I wonder why has this disposition here.

In sum, we see of Boba Fett in this final on-screen appearance of his in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”,

  • He is, once again, the leader of a group of bounty hunters, chief amongst them being Bossk
  • He is tough
  • He is a decent gunslinger

What’s Next?
The next appearance for Boba Fett is his final appearance in Star Wars The Clone Wars, albeit not on-screen (but originally intended for the screen), in Dark Disciple.

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