Boba Fett Escapes from Prison: Boba Fett in Television & Movies XI

Boba Fett approaching [Obi-Wan as] Hardeen in prison

Boba Fett approaching [Obi-Wan as] Hardeen in prison
Boba Fett approaching [Obi-Wan as] Hardeen in prison
Following his capture by the Jedi in the final episode of the second season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, we don’t see what Boba Fett’s experience is like in prison, especially since he’s a kid and could easily be bullied, and because he looks like a younger version of a clone trooper. The only time we see him in prison is in episode “Deception” (15th episode of the 4th season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”); however, it’s as he is about to get out.

Boba Fett tackling [Obi-Wan as] Hardeen
Boba Fett tackling [Obi-Wan as] Hardeen
We see Boba Fett approaching Hardeen (although it’s really Obi-Wan as Hardeen):

Boba Fett: “Hey, Hardeen. You owe me something.”
Hardeen (really, Obi-Wan Kenobi): “Oh, do I?”
Boba Fett: “You don’t even remember me? That’s very insulting.”
Hardeen: “Look, kid, I don’t want any trouble.”
Boba Fett: “You stole a bounty from me, and I want an apology!”
Some other prisoner: “Kill him, Hardeen, like the Jedi! Kill him, Hardeen!”
Boba Fett: “What’s wrong, Hardeen? You lose your spine?”
Hardeen: “You don’t want to do this.”
Other prisoner: “Kill him!”
Boba Fett, after looking over at Cad Bane, who nods: “Oh, yes, I do.”

At this point, Boba Fett tackles Hardeen and they tussle with each other momentarily until Hardeen seizes Boba Fett.

[Obi-Wan as] Hardeen, seizing Boba Fett
[Obi-Wan as] Hardeen, seizing Boba Fett
While Hardeen has Boba Fett, Clone troopers come over and say: “All right, all right, that’s it fight’s over!” However, Bossk comes over and knocks them out, saying, “No, it ain’t. You got a problem with Boba, you got a problem with me.” Bossk then begins fighting Hardeen, at which point, a lot of Clone troopers come in and a massive fight breaks out. Clearly, despite being in prison, Bossk still has Boba Fett’s back. This should give us some insight as to how Boba Fett made it in prison – he had Bossk looking out for him.

Cad Bane speaking to Moralo Eval: "Part of my plan."
Cad Bane speaking to Moralo Eval: “Part of my plan.”

When a gigantic fight breaks out between the prisoners and the Clone troopers, Moralo Eval concernedly inquires of Cad Bane as to what they should do, to which Cad Bane replies, “Part of my plan. Paid off the kid to create a diversion.” With regards to Boba Fett, we see two more things: 1) Boba Fett wasn’t just trying to fight Hardeen – he was merely just trying to get a diversion set up. 2) He had gotten in league with Cad Bane.

Of course, with the diversion being successful and prisoners escaping, Boba Fett clearly must have escaped, although we don’t see how he escapes, per se.

In sum, what we see of Boba Fett from “Deception” is that Boba Fett

  • is, somehow, chosen to be the instigator for this prison break
  • still has Bossk to look out for his back, despite their imprisonment
  • is in league with Cad Bane, although we don’t know how that came about or what the terms of that might be
  • escapes the prison (although we don’t know much about his actual experience while in prison)
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