People who know me know that I know Star Wars and not infrequently people ask me if there’s anything Biblically related to Star Wars. They want to know what, if any, connection there may is. So I finally decided it was time to put this together.

Original Trilogy

Key figures in the original trilogy clearly have Biblical connections: Luke & Leia Skywalker, Yoda, and Ben Kenobi.
Luke, while a shortened form of Lucas (as in George Lucas), is also the name of the book in the New Testament. Curiously, though, the Lucas surname seems to be related to a particular place which was named after the Luke of the Bible.

Leia is found in the book of Genesis, לאה, who is described as having soft eyes (Gen. 29.17) and as one of Jacob’s wives, she gives birth to Dinah and six sons.

Ben (of Ben Kenobi) is בן, which means “son”, deriving from Benjamin, בנימין, “son of the right side”, who was the last-born of Jacob’s children. Also, Kylo Ren was born as Ben Solo, having been named after Ben Kenobi, so there’s a sequel trilogy character with a Biblically-connected name.

Yoda is similar to the Hebrew יודע knows/knower, which makes sense in that Yoda is full of knowledge.

For whatever reasons, characters in the prequel and sequel trilogies have less of a Biblical resonance to their names.

Star Wars Rebels

Unlike Star Wars The Clone Wars or Star Wars Resistance, Star Wars Rebels had an unusually high number of Biblically-related names, as James Burns pointed out.  In that piece, Burns quotes Simon Kinberg as saying “One of the things we did say consciously was that there was a biblical sense to the naming and to sort of seriousness of purpose of the original movies. The cloaks themselves have a form or religious feel to them. We were aware that there was an element of that from the original films that we were trying to connect to.”

Ezra, the main character of the show, comes from עזרא, who had a Biblical book named after him. The name means “helper”, although Ezra, as we see throughout the show, develops to become more than simply a helper.

Kanan, while not exactly matching up, sounds a lot like כנען Canaan, the people that derived from their biblical ancestor Ham and whose land the children of Israel would eventually settle.


Am I missing any others?

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