What We Discover About the First Order in “Star Wars Bloodline”

First Order logo

With the First Order first appearing in The Force Awakens , it brings up the obvious question of “How did they start?” However, it also brings up other questions, such as “How much did the New Republic know about the First Order?” and “How did they have the funds to create Starkiller Base?” While the recent book, Star Wars Bloodline (about which I wrote previously), does not answer the question of how did the First Order start, it would seem that the New Republic had no idea about it, at least five years prior to The Force Awakens. As to the question of how much did the New Republic know about the First Order, it would seem not much, although by the time of The Force Awakens, there was some sense of it, although certainly not of their threat, as was seen in the Poe story in Before the Awakening. …

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The Beginning of the Resistance As Told in Star Wars Bloodline

Princess Leia at the Resistance base in The Force Awakens, with C-3PO and Admiral Statura alongside her (Photo Credit: David James)
©Lucasfilm 2015

With the release of The Force Awakens, there was a lot to fill in about the New Republic, the First Order, and the Resistance, amongst other significant entities. With the release of Star Wars Bloodline (which I discussed previously), some of the story has begun to become filled-in. We learn about some aspects of the growth of the First Order, albeit somewhat peripherally, and we witness, firsthand, the beginning of the Resistance. {Warning: spoilers ahead} After her frustrations with the Senate of the New Republic, Princess Leia was planning, anyways, on leaving the Senate. However, despite her initial intentions in simply flying around the galaxy with Han Solo, perhaps in a carefree manner, Princess Leia realizes she needs to do something about the growing threat the galaxy faces. Of course, having her father’s identity revealed in a most public manner also serves as a catalyst for her getting out of …

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Star Wars Bloodline Provides Fascinating Sleuthing Tale for Princess Leia, Leading Into the Creation of The Resistance


With the release of The Force Awakens this past winter, a huge narrative gap was created – a 30-year narrative gap in the Star Wars universe! While the fall’s Star Wars Aftermath helped us gain a sense of what happened after the Battle of Endor, there had not been anything about the First Order and the Resistance, besides what we find in Before the Awakening. This is where Star Wars Bloodline comes in. Primarily focussing on Princess Leia, Star Wars Bloodline takes place five years before The Force Awakens, with Princess Leia serving in the Senate of the New Republic. However, early on, finding the decision-making process of the Senate ineffective, she yearns to leave it, perhaps to travel around with Han Solo. While the early part of the book involves itself with politics and interpersonal maneuvering that comes along with it, as well as an appropriate amount of tedium, …

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My First Podcast as the Book Analyst for Skywalking Through Neverland

With the hosts of Skywalking Through Neverland

I recently appeared on the Skywalking Through Neverland podcast with a new title! Appearing for my second time reviewing books on the show, I discussed two books put out by DK Publishing. Having appeared previously on the podcast to discuss a book, I discussed two separate DK titles. The first was “Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded”, about which I had also written for the Skywalking Through Neverland website, and the second was Star Wars: The Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections. On the episode, which can be found here, you can listen to my discussion from 2:08:35 – 2:31:15. My new title, which is Book Analyst for Skywalking Through Neverland is not, however fully set.  Suggestions are welcome (so you can tweet at either @StarWarsMaven and/or @SkywalkingPod), including “Jocasta Drew”….

First Time Reviewing a Book on Skywalking Through Neverland!

With the hosts of Skywalking Through Neverland, having spoken about Aliens vol 1

Having been on the podcast “Skywalking Through Neverland” previously, I was invited back by the hosts to discuss a recent Star Wars book. Moreover, I have been appointed as the book guy for them! In the current episode, you can find me discussing “Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens, Volume I” from 1:38:30 – 1:55:00. I was also invited to write up a post on their website a brief review of the book, in addition to the discussion. Feel free to check them out! It’s great to be a part of a larger Star Wars discussion and I’m glad to fill this new role 🙂

“Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens, Volume I” Provides Depth to Characters from “The Force Awakens”


Last month, a new Star Wars book came out focussing on characters from the most recent Star Wars theatrical release, “The Force Awakens”. “Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Volume 1: Aliens” contains six stories about characters found on either Takodana in Maz Kanata’s castle or on Jakku. Written by Landry Q. Walker, the reading level of this book is meant for younger audiences, for readers as young as 8-12. Some of the stories are about characters we see on-screen in “The Force Awakens”, some help give a better sense of characters who may be around. Three of the stories center on characters we see on Jakku – Bobbajo, Unkar Plutt, and Constable Zuvio (okay, so he’s not shown on-screen in the theatrical release, but maybe he’ll show up one day in deleted scenes (or a director’s cut)). “High Noon on Jakku” is a story with a Western feel …

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New C-3PO Comic Shows How C-3PO Loses Arm and How Droids Consider Memories

C-3PO's arm gets torn off in the new comic

As soon as C-3PO appears on-screen in the newest Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens”, one of our favorite droids is noticeably different. The obvious difference in C-3PO’s looks, directly contrasting with the golden metal which has adorned C-3PO for many years and in multiple movies, is the addition of a red arm. While this is glaringly obvious, C-3PO still feels the need to point this out as soon as C-3PO sees Han Solo. The question arises: How did C-3PO get this red arm? This question is the topic of a new comic issue that came out this month. Star Wars: C-3PO (Issue 001) is a one-off issue with a story title of “The Phantom Limb” and shows the reader how C-3PO came to lose C-3PO’s left arm and gain a replacement red-painted left arm. While it’s not clear how much earlier than “The Force Awakens” this story occurs, it …

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Discussing the Bonus Features on the Blu-Ray for “The Force Awakens” on Recent “Skywalking Through Neverland” Podcasts

The two most recent episodes of Skywalking Through Neverland is where our commentary on the bonus features of the Blu-Ray of The Force Awakens takes place

I recently appeared on a Star Wars podcast, which is really exciting! I got to sit down with the hosts of Skywalking Through Neverland (whom I met in December), appearing on not one, but two(!) episodes, discussing the bonus features on the Blu-Ray release of The Force Awakens, which was really neat! In the first of these two episodes, we discussed the deleted scenes. While you can totally go ahead and listen for the entirety of the podcast, if you want to check out our commentary, the discussion takes place from 1:52:57 and continues until 2:20:20. In the second of these two episodes, we discussed the mini-documentary featurettes, which were, in my mind, surprisingly enjoyable, even more so than the deleted scenes. Again, go ahead and listen to the entire episode, but, if you are really interested in our discussion, you can find it from 1:32:50 through 2:04:44. I hope …

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Panel Discussion on Star Wars Costuming Clubs at Long Beach Comic Expo

Derek Easley listening to a question from the audience
(picture by Isaac Svensson)

A panel discussion the other day focussed on Star Wars costuming clubs and how to make costumes. Taking place as part of the Long Beach Comic Expo, the panel discussion was moderated by Derek Easley and featured Robb Yanagihara, Ingrid Moon, Gabe Flores, Randy Figueroa, and Ryan Trent. The panelists came from different Lucasfilm-recognized costume clubs, with Yanagihara in the Saber Guild, Moon and Figueroa in in the 501st Legion, Flores in the Rebel Legion (although he is also a member of the 501st Legion), and Trent in the Mandalorian Mercs. The panelists all enjoy the primary element of these costuming clubs, on account of the charity work they do. “I got into it because of the charity work,” said Flores, and, he said, it is “great meeting new people.” Yanagihara said that all the hot nights and spinning around and training “makes those experiences worth it” with Make-A-Wish kids. …

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Meeting Up For The Force Awakens Based on a Tweet Leads to Meeting Podcasters and Newest LucasFilm StoryGroup Member

It was great meeting up with a bunch of other Star Wars fans to watch "The Force Awakens" in Downtown Disney

A little over a month ago, I did something I had never done before. Actually, it was a lot of things I had never done before. Having seen a tweet that popped up in Highlights in my Twitter app from Matt Martin, who would be visiting Southern California and looking to be involved in a meet-up to discuss Star Wars, I then saw a responding tweet from Skywalking Through Neverland that there would be a meet-up to watch The Force Awakens in Downtown Disney and that he should join them. Having seen that and discovering, to my joy, that my schedule was open that evening, I was excited to meet up with some other Star Wars fans to discuss The Force Awakens and more. So, I told another Star Wars fan who would be interested and we met up with the group. We took up a couple of rows in the …

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